We are the Japanese company System 5/95

System 5/95 is a body recovery device manufacturer, for home use. 

Our devices put together the latest physiotherapist’s technologies, plus the traditional health care principles. 

Since 2017, people from Asia, Europe, and America, have already started to profit from their benefits,  as most of them have realized, that the devices have brought good care to their health, as well as longevity. 

Therefore, System 5/95 has no doubt to keep moving forward, in order to expand itself on the entire globe. 

Today System 5/95 has:

More than 100
around the planet

Over 10 000
daily visitors

Thousands of recovery stories

Tens of thousands
of recovery stories


Our main value is your health. We know how to keep you healthy for many years

After years of high quality and efficient work, we have gained the trust of more than 10,000 families. Since they have seen their health improved, through our devices assistance. 

System 5/95 is led by Akihito Yamamoto. A specialist, with a 40 year experience on the development and manufacture of wellness devices, for home use. 

The company produces a huge range of effective and innovative devices. All of them are examples of high technology embodiment, who are ready to work on your health’s benefits. 

Our values are quality, reliability, and availability. The greatest priority for us is your health’s good care, as our devices support, every vital component of it.


Do you work long periods on your computer?

Do you suffer from eye strain? Is the image distorted?

Has a veil come down from your eyes?

Then,  EyeSystem is an essential device for your eye’s health care. The equipment fights against vision defects, such as eye strain and farsightedness. Its regular use has been recommended by the top ophthalmologists in Asia.


Have you been tortured by back pain, wrong postures, and constant muscle spasms?

We understand how much suffering lies in these words. But, don’t make the pain endure! SpineSystem knows how to take care of your back.


Have you ever dreamt of improving your health during sleeping time?

SleepSystem will change the understanding you may have of what a good, and quality rest is, as it takes care of your body while you sleep.

The device reduces sickness and ameliorates sleep. So now you can forget about chronic fatigue, since the device increases the vital’s energy amount. 


Do you suffer from swelling, heaviness, and burning sensation on the legs?

Do these torments prevent you from walking well, and moving freely?

Are you afraid that this could be the entrance hall to more severe complications, like muscle function loss?

Then hit the top with  FootSystem!


Have you ever felt some pain on different points on your body, such as the neck, the belly, or on different parts on your legs, including the feet?

Do these pains make you suffer from muscle stiffness?

Moxi is here to solve all these issues. Together with oriental techniques, and high Japanese technology, this device will take good care of your health. 

Based on fundamental scientific knowledge, and latest technologies, System 5/95 has its own high technology manufacture, with control at all stages.

We develop devices with the support of:

JAIRA. The Japanese Association
of Ion Research and Application.

The Eye Research Institute, from the Konyang University, in South Korea.

The Beckman Laser Institute, from the Dankook University, in South Korea.